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Electrical Helper (1-CEC.ELECTRIC.HELP) Information

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Electricians safely ensure that electrical current flows properly to outlets, switches, light fixtures, and other devices. They must be extremely knowledgeable in the National Electrical Code, electrical theory, and in performing mathematical calculations in order to properly wire, install, and connect electrical components and prevent electrical hazards.

Certificates Details

Classes offered: 3

Classes required for completion: 3

Mandatory Classes: 3

A passing grade is required to receive credit for the classes in this Certificates.

Classes in this Certificates must be taken in a specific order.

Price:  $3,129.00


Courses Available for this Certificates

Imagine the pride of looking at a finished building and knowing that you helped build it. The construction trades can be a rewarding, fulfilling career that wil ......(more)
Students will be introduced to electrical theories including Ohm's Law, as applied to DC series circuits, and Kirchhoff's Voltage and Current Laws. Other topics ......(more)
A continuation of Electricity I, this course includes using electrical test equipment and an introduction to electrical blueprints and electrical wiring. The w ......(more)



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