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Network Administrators play a pivotal role in setting up, fine-tuning, and sustaining an organization's local area network (LAN) and broader Internet systems. They oversee network performance, ensuring uninterrupted access for all users, while also conducting essential maintenance to uphold optimal functionality. If you're intent on pursuing a certification in Networking, look no further than CSM. We offer certification preparation courses tailored for the CompTIA Network+ exam. Immerse yourself in comprehensive training and conveniently take the certification exam right here at CSM. Upon completing our CIT-6010 and CIT-6030 courses, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the CompTIA Network+ certification with confidence.

CSM offers a Network Administrator workforce training certificate to students who successfully complete the following four courses:
>  CIT-6010 Networking Fundamentals
>  CIT-6030 Network+ Exam Prep
>  CIT-7020 Security+ Exam Prep
Did you know you can take certification exams at CSM?
Contact the Testing Center at the CSM campus of your choice for information on how to register for your exam.

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