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Step into the sophisticated world of wedding planning with our advanced course. This program takes you beyond the basics, covering industry demands, legal considerations, and essential skills. Building on the Introduction to Wedding Planning, explore defining roles, fee structures, and perfecting planning phases. Master initial consultations, create detailed wedding day plans, and assemble winning teams. Channel your creativity into event design, managing budgets, coordinating attire, and enhancing visual elements. Learn the intricacies of executing flawless wedding day plans, from production schedules to handling challenges with confidence. Elevate your skills and excel in the dynamic world of wedding planning. Enroll now to unlock your full potential.

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Workforce Training Certificate: Wedding Planner


Williams, Lynn - 301-539-4863

Classes :4

Classes to Complete : 4  

Description : To provide practical skills and real-world experience to prepare students to become wedding planners in the industry.

Certificates Price:  





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