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Frequently Asked Questions for ESL:

When and where are the ESL (English as a Second Language) program classes available?

English as a second language (ESL) classes are available at our Prince Frederick, Leonardtown, and La Plata Campuses. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening options both face-to-face as well as virtual to meet our students' needs. Once you have successfully completed the assessment class, you will be placed in the correct level class during days and times that work best for you.

Is the ESL program free?

Yes, the ESL program is free to Maryland residents 18 years of age or older. However, if you are an au pair or hold an F1 or J1 visa, you cannot enroll in the free ESL classes. You can enroll in ESL classes offered in the Personal Enrichment area for a fee, visit Personal Enrichment - Languages and Writing for a current listing of non-credit classes.

Is information provided in a language other than English?

The CSM (College of Southern Maryland) website has a translation menu in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. This allows you to pick the language of your choice.

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Do I need to say my immigration status to register for the ESL program?

No, you do not need to report your immigration status to enroll in our program. You must be 18 years of age or older, have an email address and be able to show proof of Maryland residency.

Do I need an appointment to take the test?

Yes, you must create or login to your profile and register for the assessment class to take your assessment. Please ONLY REGISTER FOR ONE ASSESSMENT CLASS.

How do I create or login to my user profile?

Students who have taken a noncredit class since January 2023, please log in to your existing profile. Please use the forgot my username or forgot my password features to reset your access if you do not remember your login. Please do not create a second profile.

If this is your first time registering on this site, click Login/Create Account and build your account. Creating a profile provides you with your own personal, password-protected account which will allow you to register online and track your class registrations. Please see this flyer for detailed information on how to create your profile. If you have already created a profile, please do NOT create another.

When building your profile, items marked with a red asterisk are required. Your username can be your email address or a username of your choosing. Items, such as demographic information, without a red asterisk are optional and is used by the college strictly for planning and statistical purposes. Save your login and password for future reference.

Once you create your student profile (and on subsequent visits after you sign in), you will see menu options that allow you to check your profile information, check your current registrations, and view your transactions and transcript.

How do I register for the assessment class?

You must be 18 years of age or older, have an email address, and be a Maryland resident in order to register.

Browse through the assessment class offerings, when you find the class you are interested in, click the “Add to Cart” button, log in (if necessary) and then click “Check Out”. ONLY REGISTER FOR ONE ASSESSMENT CLASS. Read and agree to the class refund policy and click “Check Out” again. Complete your registration on our secure site. You can print your transaction receipt and class confirmation for your records. In addition, you will receive a class confirmation and transaction receipt via email.

Now that I am registered for my assessment, what is my next step?

Your next step is to complete your intake form and come to the assessment at the date and time you signed up for. Please refer to your confirmation email for a link to the intake form and meeting and location time for your assessment. You must bring with you proof of Maryland residency to your assessment (Maryland driver's license, Maryland state ID card or utility bill with your name and address).

Can the forms be filled out prior to the orientation and assessment?

Your first step would be to create a user profile and register for the assessment class. All other forms will be emailed to you prior to your assessment class OR will be completed during the assessment class.

Why do I have to take an assessment test first? Is it graded?

The assessment ensures that you are placed in the right class for your level of ability. The test is not graded and is confidential. It is used only to help us match you to the right class so that you will not waste your time in a class that is too easy or too difficult for you.

Is there someone who speaks Spanish that can assist me with any questions?

The Adult Education staff does have some Spanish speaking staff to assist you. Please call the office at 301-934-7770 and someone can assist with setting up an appointment to speak with one of our Spanish speaking staff members.

Who can I contact if I need help with my ESL classes?

The first step is to complete your user profile and register for your assessment class. Once you have completed your assessment, you will be placed in an English class for your level. From there, you will be able to contact your instructor for help.

Once I finish ESL classes, will I be able to be a credit student? If so, what documents do I need to have at that time?

To enroll as a CSM credit student, you must complete the enrollment application. In addition, you will need to share identification and your high school diploma.

With whom do I need to speak to take credit classes once I finish my ESL programs?

The Adult Education program has two Transition Navigators who will help you connect with CSM enrollment or workforce programs.

I have reviewed these FAQs but I still have questions. Who can I contact?

If you have questions, email the Adult Education office at or call 301-934-7770.



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